Community Development

The lack of affordable housing is one of Delaware’s most pressing social problems. Obtaining housing is not always possible for a household. In even more cases, it comes with a housing cost that severely burdens the household’s income. The housing cost burden can mean going with less – or without – basic necessities and living an insecure existence.

Good Neighborhood

The Good Neighborhood Project of the Delaware Housing Coalition (DHC) is a long‐term project to meet the need for affordable, accessible, inclusive communities everywhere in Delaware by creating a more equitable geographic distribution of affordable housing.

Fair Share Housing

Proposals for all types of affordable housing—ranging from emergency shelters to market-rate rental communities to moderately-priced homes within new subdivisions—are often met with concerns from community members and civic associations.

Permanent Affordability

In our efforts to provide affordable housing – whether it be new home ownership or affordable rental – and to preserve existing stock, we have come up against a number of obstacles over the years.


Why NOT In My Back Yard? is part of the Good Neighborhood Project and has for its aim to respond to the NIMBY reflex by making public the community benefits of affordable housing and the need to create more inclusive communities and affirmatively further fair housing.

Nonprofit Housing Agenda

We facilitate the Nonprofit Housing Agenda, a collaborative effort among nonprofit organizations that increases the impact of the sector through concerted education and greater collective policy influence.

Housing Trust Fund

The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) has launched this major new campaign to reshape U.S. tax policy to make affordable housing more available to the nation’s 10.1 million extreme low-income renter households.

Sussex Housing Group

The Sussex Housing Group is a committee of DHC that was formed in 1998 to identify and address Fair Housing issues in the County.