Have you decided that you need a dedicated home office space? Maybe you have been working at home more often and you have realized that you need a separate space that allows for privacy and quiet. Choosing where in the house your office will be is only half the task, however, as you also need to give thought to how you will decorate the room. 

To help you with the creative design process, here are three commercial property décor tips that you can carry into your home office space. 

Combine Various Types of Lighting

When walking through a commercial property, one thing that is evident is the use of lighting throughout the space. Different styles and types of lighting usually exist from the typical overhead lighting to task lighting and even lighting that makes a statement and acts as décor. This is a great tip to use in a home office space, especially since lighting is so important when you’re working. Don’t be afraid to branch out and combine different styles to give you a customized and high-end result.

Some of the most common types of lighting for a home office include:

Install a Stone Veneer Accent Wall

The use of thin stone veneer in commercial renovations has also been quite popular. It gives the commercial property a sense of style, elegance and sophistication, and it brings a unique factor to the space. This material is often found in restaurants and upscale bars to give them a sense of character and architectural appeal. 

This same premise can be applied to your home office, creating a stone accent wall that is eye-catching and even inspiring as you sit in the space and work. Stone veneer is known for being cost-effect and very easy to install. It has a good lifespan and you’ve got options in terms of the tones and shades used. 

Pick Soft and Pleasing Color Palettes

Commercial spaces – commercial office spaces, in particular – tend to use soft and pleasing color palettes. These are meant to create a calming atmosphere for employees. It’s not often you’ll find loud bright colors being used in commercial office spaces, so why do that at home? Soft neutral shades are typically the best way to go and will make it easier to choose your furniture and any décor you want for the space.

Some of the best color palettes for office space are:

  • Gray (from soft gray to deeper shades) to instantly neutralize the space
  • Pale yellow to create a serene vibe
  • Blue (various tones and shades) to inspire creative thinking
  • Off-white to instantly brighten up the space

Pulling together a home office space that is as functional as it is stylish can be done. It’s all about taking the time to plan out your ideas and looking to commercial properties for much-needed inspiration.