Laminate, hardwood, and vinyl flooring are all incredibly popular. They look fantastic, are easy to clean, and are more hardwearing than carpet. Laminate floors are especially popular with people with young children or pets who are looking for something that looks good but can cope with all that family life has to throw at it. But one thing that worries people when it comes to making the switch from carpet is keeping their rooms warm. 

Laminate is fantastic in the summer when a cool, smooth surface underfoot is far more appealing than thick, suffocating carpets. But what about when the weather is cold? Can you create a cosy, warming room that comforts you on a cold winter night, without a thick lining of plush carpet? You certainly can! Here are some of the best ways to create a cosy room, while still enjoying trendy hard floors. 

Choose the Right Floors

The shade and style of flooring that you choose can make a huge difference in how warm and comforting your rooms feel. Opt for darker shades or very natural looking vinyl flooring for a warm and comfortable base to your room. Quick-Step’s laminate floor gives you some great options, including red, dark brown and natural, which are all very warming. 

Underfloor Heating

Not all laminate flooring is compatible with underfloor heating, so check with your supplier before you consider adding a heat source under your flooring. But if it’s possible, adding underfloor heating to rooms that you use a lot, or moist areas like the bathroom can really warm your whole house. 

Large Area Rugs

If you don’t want to or can’t make big changes like adding heating or changing the colour and tone of your flooring, then adding a rug can be the perfect solution. A thick rug in bold colours or patterns can make a large room feel smaller, warmer, and cosier, and even in an already small room, a rug can add comfort and texture. 

Add Texture

Adding texture to your rooms will always make them feel warmer and cosier, no matter what is going on under your feet. Add blankets, heavy curtains, cushions in various materials and things like coasters, placemats and lampshades with different patterns, materials, and textures. This is especially effective if your rooms are very large, adding depth and warming the area. 

Utilise Soft Lighting

It’s amazing how much difference soft lighting can make when it comes to warming a space. Instead of relying on bright overhead lights, give yourself options with soft lamps, candles, standing lamps and string lights. On cold days, avoid using your overhead lights, which will make rooms feel bigger, brighter, and colder, and stick to softer lighting, which has the opposite effect. 

Laminate flooring doesn’t have to be cold. There’s plenty that you can do to make sure it’s warm; first, by opting for a natural look and a high-quality finish, and then by utilising the soft furnishings, lighting, and texture in your room to complement your flooring while creating a cosy and comforting space.