In the world of windows, there are a lot of styles and design choices to choose from nowadays. Whether you are looking to replace a pair in the bedroom or planning a whole-house remodel, it helps to get a clearer picture of your options before heading to a trusted supplier or local home improvement store. 

Below, we’ll go over important elements and common decorative styles to help get you started!

Window Styles

Window styles — as well as the architectural style of your house — play a more critical role than you might believe in overall flow and appearance. Because of this, it’s vital to consider these elements before selecting any replacements. For instance, a “traditional style” home customarily has double-hung windows. A wide category, these varieties typically have multiple panes of glass and feature grille design patterns which reflect a restrained, classic style. Single-hung windows are even more basic models and, as such, are typically the least expensive type.

Another common style is a picture window. Great for unobstructed views, this type of fixed window (meaning it doesn’t open) is clean, simple and lets in lots of light — making it a great fit for open-concept homes in contemporary or modern styles. Along the same lines are casement windows. A popular choice for adding an authentic, sleek look in line with minimalism concepts, casement windows offer clear views as well as the option for ventilation via a crank or lever.

Window Shapes

The shape of a window also matters and can add a certain “wow” factor when done right. First, there are bay windows. These typically consist of three angled rectangular panes to create a distinctive look that is often associated with cottage or Victorian-style homes. Then there are bow windows, which have at least five tall panes set in a semi-circular curve. These are larger and protrude more than bay with the same classical styling. 

Specialty shapes can also make a significant impact on design. Many homeowners with contemporary styled houses are choosing to use modernized versions of bay and bow shapes to increase floor space and natural light. There are also Palladian shaped windows for added elegance and classical grace. These architectural units consist of a central window with an arched head flanked by two, typically narrower windows with square heads on either side.

Window Trim And Other Features

One crucial aspect of picking new windows and doors is the trim. Mismatched trim and window styles may create an eyesore. To keep a unified and attractive look, consider the types of trim that match with the windows as well as the rest of the room or house. Ultimately, deciding on the right window trim and casing design should carefully weigh in the home’s natural architecture to successfully create a seamless appearance.

Common trim styles include:

  • Craftsman — pairs well with modern and rustic styles.
  • Arts and crafts — a gentler, slightly different version of Craftsman.
  • Rosette — looks best for traditional and Victorian-style homes.
  • Highlands — minimalist designs with subtle elements that work well in farmhouse styles.

The materials and colors also make a difference in the final impression. A painted trim can give you a wide variety of colors to choose from for not only the trim and casing but for the surrounding walls as well. Stained trim, while more limiting, helps convey a more natural look as well as play up the look of the trim’s material. This could be highly desirable for a natural, maximalism or biophilic home design.

Last, but not least, there are certain window features to consider. From improving energy efficiency to providing enhanced illumination control, modern windows offer a range of characteristics to help make your home just the way you want it. As you search for the right styles and shapes, keep in mind your options, such as low-E coatings to reflect heat — or double or triple-glazed models that work to moderate interior temperatures throughout the year. 

When in doubt, reach out to the experts. They can help streamline the process of picking out which windows best suit your home’s style as well as your personal preferences.

Author bio: Mauricio Jaimes is CEO of Davis Window and Door — a one-stop solution for the perfect replacement, remodeling and new construction of windows and doors.