In the modern world, construction companies evolve with change in time and era. That’s why they introduced a variety of roofing styles for homes which you can choose easily according to your choice. Now it’s very easy to give any shape and design to your home’s roof; for that purpose, you must become consistent.

Back in time, stone roofs were widely used because there were no other materials at that time and people had no sense of construction too. However, some people also like stone types roofs; guess what, you can get that if you want because there is a technology in which your roof will give the look of the stone roof after completion.

For this purpose, mostly slate material is used because it is considered highly durable and easily consistent with every type of weather condition. Moreover, there are many other advantages of using this type of roofing in those regions where extreme weather conditions hit almost every other day.

This type of roofing will remain stable and gives you utmost protection no matter which weather conditions hit your hometown. According to All Seasons Roofing in Santa Fe, stone roofing is done in the hilly areas because, in those places, the weather conditions and the site underneath also prove to be very dangerous compared to plain areas.

Stone roofing in hilly areas:

In hilly areas, stone roofing is built differently than the process used in plain area homes. In those areas, stone slab roofing is widely used in which slabs of stones are trimmed in the form of tiles because it is highly durable than any other material. 

The process of installing stone slabs on the top is difficult because of their heaviness and the dangers of hilly areas. In some places, stone roofing is traditional because of their old rituals. But nowadays, it is not popular even in those areas because of its difficult procedure that is very complicated to proceed out without any accident.

In this, first of all, the slabs of stones are trimmed or cut till it forms the shape of a stone tile. After this, laborers keep it on the top using their hands because heavy machinery makes it difficult to reach the hilly area. All this procedure is done manually, that’s why it is considered complicated and full of dangers. So, this has become unpopular among homeowners.

Stone roofing in plain areas:

Stone roofing is done with a different process in the simple plain regions of the world. In this stone, grains are used along with slate material, which gives durability and the aesthetic look you want for your home’s roof. It has many different methods of doing which can be selected accordingly.

First, we will discuss stone-coated steel roofing where steel sheets are used and then covered with grains of stone to give it the look of old-age stone roofing. Those sheets are then installed on the roofs, known as stone-coated steel roofing.

Steel sheets are also proving to be durable in comparison with slate material used in another type of stone roofing. It is also easy to use because it can be hammered in any shape and design according to your home’s roof. Moreover, in this method, you can use various patterns and colors which look very vibrant on roofs.

Stone-coated steel roofing resembles other roofing materials such as wood, clay, asphalt, etc. Therefore, if you opt for this type of stone roofing, you will reach the process where you can get many advantages and benefits over other classes in terms of design and shape for sure according to your needs and aesthetics.

Other designs of stone roofing:

Stone roofing in the modern age can be done using different appealing designs. In them, one design method is done by cutting the stone into diamond and rectangular shapes and then applied to the roof by using the slate roofing method, which is slightly different from it.

But this method needs some supporting material and structure rather than slate only because of its thickness and heaviness that involves respectively. Different designs need different types of stone with varying thicknesses, and weight also matters. So, it would help if you chose wisely in this design form.


Stone roofing was the only way to construct roofs in the old times, but today, modern techniques are used, which have evolved the roofing process accordingly. So if you love the texture of stone roofing in your home, you can go for it without any tension. Best of luck!