Are you a renter who is looking for ways to make your rental home more “pet-friendly”? As an owner of a rental home, you have been receiving an increasing number of reviews from guests suggesting to make improvements for a more pet-friendly environment.

These valuable insights highlight the growing demand for accommodations that cater to pet owners, presenting an opportunity to enhance the overall experience for both tenants and their furry companions.

By considering these suggestions and implementing pet-friendly features, you can attract a wider range of potential renters and create a welcoming space that meets the needs of this specific market segment.


Water Bowls and Feeders

Providing fresh water and food bowls in all rooms of your rental home will be much appreciated by pet owners. Investing in quality stainless steel dishes that are easy to clean, rust-proof, and chew-proof is a smart move. Additionally, you can purchase automatic feeders or timed dispensers to ensure their furry friend is getting the right portion size and balanced meals.

Pet Gates

Installing pet gates is a great way to help manage your renter’s pet. It guarantees your home is fur-proofed and well-maintained. This will also provide an extra layer of safety for their pet while ensuring they remain within the designated space. With the added bonus of being able to move the gate between rooms, pet gates are an excellent budget-friendly solution for both landlords and their tenants.

Pet Bed

Having a comfortable spot for your renter’s four-legged family member to rest is essential. Renters will be grateful if you provide a designated spot that allows their pets to relax in comfort. An elevated dog bed or sofa-style pet bed is a great way to give your guests and their pets VIP treatment.

Snacks & Food

A variety of pet-friendly snacks are a wonderful addition to a pet haven. Make available an assortment of natural, grain-free treats that cater to different dietary needs. It’s also a nice idea to provide a pet menu, offering different options for treats and meals for various types of pets. This extra touch not only adds to the welcoming atmosphere of your rental home but also ensures that your guests’ furry friends feel loved and well-cared for.


Toys are another fun way to make your rental home pet-friendly. Consider adding some interactive games, as well as a few chew toys that will keep their pets entertained and occupied throughout the stay.

Storage cabinets

Dedicated storage cabinets add a practical touch to your pet-friendly rental. Just as child-proofing involves stowing away hazardous items from curious hands, the same principle applies to pets. This will ensure that the pets do not get into any mischief with your home decorations.


Pet Waste Disposal

No one wants to deal with the mess of cleaning up after their pet and having a system in place to dispose of pet waste can be a real lifesaver. Investing in eco-friendly biodegradable bags and a convenient waste bin helps to keep your lawn or garden tidy.


For renters with water-loving pets, a doggy pool is an ideal addition to their pet haven. It gives your guests the opportunity to let their pets cool off and enjoy some quality playtime in the water without having to leave the house. Installing a pool will also provide an opportunity for your furry friends to beat the summer heat.

Fenced Garden

Fencing in your backyard or garden provides an extra layer of security and safety for both pets and their owners. Investing in a quality fence will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your guests’ pet is securely contained within the boundaries of the rental home.

Patio Heaters

If you live in a colder climate, providing patio heaters along with outdoor furniture can help extend the time your guests and their pets spend outdoors. This will provide them with more opportunities to enjoy the fresh air while keeping warm. It also adds a touch of luxury that your renters will appreciate. 

Agility Park

Setting up an agility park is a great way to accommodate more active pets. It gives them the opportunity to burn off excess energy and practice their skills in the safety of your rental home’s backyard. There are countless activities that can be incorporated into an agility park, such as tunnels, jumps, hoops, and much more.


Installing a security camera offers another layer of protection for your rental home. Not only is it useful to monitor the property but it also provides an extra level of safety and security when your guests’ pet is at home alone.

Grooming services

Creating partnerships with local pet groomers can provide your guests with the convenience of having their pets groomed during their stay. This is especially useful for longer stays, as it gives them peace of mind knowing that their pet will be well taken care of.


Whether you’re managing the rental home yourself or partnering with a property management company, investing in pet-friendly improvements can yield significant benefits when done right.

By creating a welcoming space for your tenants and their furry companions, you can ensure that they have a comfortable stay while keeping your rental home safe and clean. With the right investments in pet-friendly features, you’ll be able to attract more potential tenants, increase occupancy rates, and maximize revenue.

So why not take advantage of these valuable tips and create a pet haven for renters? After all, it’s a win-win situation!