What luck! You’ve finally found a place to rent that accepts dogs and you’re ready to move into your new home. Before you do that, though, there’s something else you need to take care of, especially if your dog is in any way aggressive. You need to purchase a renter’s insurance policy because renter’s insurance can help if your dog bites someone. As you know, even the most docile of dogs can bite if they’re scared, and as a renter, you’re not protected by your landlord’s insurance. You need your own.

Dog Bite Coverage

Most renter’s insurance policies include liability coverage that extends to expenses incurred as a result of a dog bite injury. If you’re living in a building or complex that brings you and your dog into contact with other people, you run the risk of your dog biting someone. Even if the possibility is remote, you can never be sure of how any dog will behave around other people. 

A renter’s insurance policy with dog bite coverage will protect you from the financial impact of paying for the victim’s medical bills. Dog bites are almost never straightforward and might require extensive treatment, particularly if they become infected, a distinct possibility given the germs that are in a dog’s mouth. Even if someone provokes your dog, some states still place the responsibility for a dog bite on the dog’s owner.

Look For Exclusions

While most renter’s insurance policies cover dog bites, many of them exclude coverage for dog bites from specific breeds. This is because certain breeds are considerably more dangerous than others and have a higher potential to bite. These breeds include pit bulls, dobermans, rottweilers, German shepherds, mastiffs, and boxers.

Be sure to check for breed-specific exclusions in any renter’s insurance policy before you buy one. Often, you can purchase a special insurance supplement to cover your dog if it’s one of the excluded breeds. But, in some cases, an insurance company may decline to cover a specific breed at all. In that case, you may need to search for a new insurance company.

Other Benefits

Of course, dog bite coverage isn’t the only reason you should get renter’s insurance. A renter’s policy will also protect you from theft, damage, and loss of your personal property inside your rental home. This is probably the main reason why renters purchase insurance, but if you own a dog, the liability portion of your policy is critical.

Along with dog bites, the liability portion of your policy will also protect you against other injuries that might occur in your home or on your property. You simply don’t want to leave yourself susceptible to any type of claim that could result from any kind of injury including dog bites.


It’s always smart to purchase a renter’s insurance policy as soon as you sign your lease on your rental home so you can protect yourself and your belongings. But, it’s even more important if you own a dog, even if you’re 100% sure your beloved pet won’t bite anyone.