Did you notice that your HVAC works not as well as it used to? Or maybe you’re not satisfied with indoor air quality? It all means that you forgot that your air ducts need cleaning. Where to find a company for air duct and dryer vent cleaning, or how to do it yourself? You’ll discover it all in this article.

How to choose an air duct cleaning company

There are a few general pieces of advice when choosing a company. Among them:

  1. Reputation means almost everything. If there are many such companies in your city, you’ll have to choose one. Firstly, pay attention to the reputation of this company. Usually, it’s enough to read some reviews on TrustPilot, Google Reviews, or any other similar resource you trust.
  2. Services. Secondly, check what specific services this company provides. Usually, alongside air duct cleaning, good companies will also be ready to check your HVAC system entirely, fix something if it’s necessary and clean up after the job is done.
  3. Price list and guarantees. Check the prices and ask what guarantees you will get in case something is broken or in any other case.

Usually, it’s enough to find a suitable company. But maybe you’re ready to handle the procedure yourself? And is it even worth doing?

More details about air duct cleaning

Air ducts, which are part of your HVAC system, also get dirty. When air ducts get dirty, it can affect the entire HVAC system. For example, it will require more resources to maintain the same level of work, while losing quite a lot of efficiency.

Your air ducts also affect indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality is harmful to all living beings, but especially to elderly people, children, and animals. If you don’t clean air ducts regularly, you also risk getting some diseases. Among them: are allergies, respiratory diseases, cancer, and obstructive lung disease. Not saying that you don’t need those.

Along with air duct cleaning you also need to change air filters and check other parts of the system, they also need to be maintained. How often do you need to change filters? It depends on the type of filter you chose. Usually, it is from 30 to 90 days.

How often do you need to clean air ducts and check the system? It depends on how old is your HVAC (the older it is, the more often it needs to be cleaned and fixed) and on how often you use it. It is enough to ask the duct cleaning company’s workers about how often you need to do that. Usually, it is once in 2-3-4 months.

Can you clean air ducts yourself? Most probably not. Such a process requires not only experience but also special equipment, for example, heavy and high-powered vacuum cleaners. And no, your regular vacuum cleaner won’t suffice. So it is much easier to pay someone to do the job fast and with high quality. Because if you do that yourself you also risk breaking up something and then spending much more on repairs. So be careful and hire professionals.