As any successful real estate agent will tell you, in order for your listing to stand out from the crowd, buyers looking to invest in real estate should be able to imagine themselves living there. In this article, real estate agent Park Shore provides a few tips to help you capture the attention and interest of potential buyers!

1. Make your listing remarkable by staging: 

Staging a home is the secret to getting it sold faster and for more money. It works by giving buyers a chance to imagine living in the home as their own. Staging can also increase your sale price.  Plus, staging can be done in just a few hours by hiring a company to do it for you.  

2. Stand out with real or virtual renovation:  

Studies show that buyers prefer new-build properties. They avoid buying old properties due to the charm and period features they seem to lack. However, if you stage a real or virtual renovation to showcase your old property as charming and beautiful as a new build will work like magic as this will allow your buyer to imagine your property with a renovated look.

3. Always present your listing with a 3D floor plan: 

Every real estate agent knows how important it is to present your listing with a 3D floor plan. A 3D floor plan allows the buyer to step in and imagine themselves living in the property. It gives them a sense of space, views, and more importantly, it allows them to “visualize” themselves living there.

4. Highlight extraordinary features with professional photography

Every realtor knows that one of the ways to sell a piece of property is with professional photography. When you have stunning photos of your property, it gets more views and can attract attention from potential buyers. 

This is why we recommend that high-quality interior and exterior aerial photography should be an essential part of any marketing strategy for your property. It can effectively turn what may be a good offer into a successful negotiation.  


If you’re interested in capturing a buyer’s imagination concerning your properties, using all of these strategies at once might be a bit much. However, you should feel free to mix and match the best that each one has to offer. There’s no harm in doing so, and it will likely help your property stand out from the rest.